To all of you in my contacts list, I apologize in advance if you get spammed. My iphone was stolen from outside of our tactics office out here in "stantanistan." So far, no one has reported any spam to me and I've disabled its phone, but it remains wifi capable even without its sim card enabled. I'm just glad I backed it up last night...

If you see someone from the Russian mafia running around with a new iphone, let me know, would ya?

97 2.8 Arctic Silver - Tanin Red interior with wood console - black top

Whalen Shift Machine, polished - Type II windscreen (non roll-hoops) - Bilstein HD shocks/struts
Axxis Metal Master pads - Brembo rotors - Doug Whalen seat bushings
Passenger Eject (unfortunately non-functional) - OEM Passenger Airbag Disable switch
Polk Audio all around - Blaupunkt PA amps - LeatherZ Mark II armrest - Strong Strut Trio