Hey guys,

I read through the acrhived and was able to determine my CPS was bad, so I thought I would share the story for others would might be having the same problem. It seems there are a few new posts about the same topic.

So thursday I was driving home from work, doing about 70 MPH, when out of no where, the engine just stopped running, and some strang reason the shifter popped out of 5th gear. (its a manual tranny). All the light on the dash came on. I press the clutch in put back into gear and release the clutch she started back up and ran for about 5 seconds and then again it died and i could get her to start again using the engine speed, so i pulled over to the shoulder and tried and tried again and again, the motor just kept cranking and cranking, until the battery died (I also had a weak battery). So a $249 tow and I got her home.

I did a STOMP TEST, turned on the key, pumped the gas pedal 5 times and the check engine light blink back 1111, or what other are calling 1000, so then i held the pedal down for 10 or more seconds and pumped he gas pedal 5 times agaun, and got code 1444, so no codes were thrown which seems to be common when your CPS goes, even though there is a code for a CPS failure.

So after reading the archives one night, i determined it was the CPS, bought a new for $85 and fixed, she runs perfect again, maybe a light better. lol.

It was tricky getting out btw, it is located on the outside on the front, right above the crankshaft. If you remove the airfilter box it is very easily accessable. One allen head screw frees it and then the other end of the wire plugs on top by the intake manifold. The tricky part was trying to figure out how to get the it, so i just cut the wire and pulled it out.

It was a bit of a challenage to get it back in. But all in all it was a very easy job.

Good luck to anyone replacing theres, i hope this helps

'92 535i 5 speed. 397,000 miles.