I've been very pleased with my Goodyear F1 A/S tires I purchased 21,000 miles ago but the road noise is getting worse and worse as the tread gets nearer to the end. It is especially loud as you come to a stop from about 30 mph on down. I have a few thousand miles left on them in the rear but I'm already thinking ahead to another brand perhaps. I stopped in at a Firestone dealer just for grins to explain this same situation and if he had heard complaints about the Bridgestone Potenzas or any other info. He claimed that the staggerred setup of the Z3 compounded the noise factor and that I would experience the same thing with the Potenzas or any other brand. I sort of doubt it but what experiences have you had with tire road noise on the Z3 as the tread nears the end of it's life. Staggerred setup only please. Thanks!