after a long sleep '93 850 is back on the road. New brakes, headliner, plugs (even #12), rotors, caps, tranny and differential service, radiator, tires, drivers door handle, seat release handle, belts, tensioners and pulleys. Lot's of help from you guys and archives, but now I am stumpted. After replacing belts, tensioners and pulleys I recharged air compressor/conditioner and all was fine. Cycled on and off and had good pressure and cold air. An hours later drove off and turned on air and car temp gauge started moving towards high zone. Shut down and turned on heat and gauge moved to normal operating temp. Towed home and notice that when air con is turned on the air compressor pulley didn't want to turn and belt squealed and fan blade barely turned. Can turn the pulley by hand but when belt tightened, not too much, it won't turn. Fiddled with the tensioner and pulley and no problem with just air (fan on) but once air con turned on belt squeal reappeared.

Thought there was a lock sensor that prevented this from happening to keep H2O pump working. Might be the compressor or clutch, but with it being able to be turned by hand but not by belt has me stumped.

And I have searched the archives and found no similar situation.

Thanks in advance.