I was losing power when starting out after a 5-10 minute stop; gas fill-up, run into the local DD for a coffee (excuse me a latte) and the ABS light would flash. Coming off the accelerator for a second would allow everything to come back together and the power returned. I read the codes with my Peake R5/FCX code reader/reset tool and found 2 faults. Using Code Table 19 I received error codes:

27 - "BLS/BTS plausibility"
Indicates a fault in the brake light switch / cruise control disengagement switch (one switch controls both). I replaced the switch in about 30 minutes.

12 - "Exhaust camshaft position sensor"
Indicates a faulty exhaust camshaft position sensor. I replaced the sensor in about 10 minutes.

Both parts were purchased online from RM European Auto Parts. They carried original BMW branded and other options for each part. I choose the Febi Bilstien manufactured exhaust camshaft position sensor for $42 rather than the BMW branded $111 part.

By the way, this is my second sensor replacement. First one 2 years ago at 60k miles (Bavarian Auto Parts/noname $42) and now at 81k miles. Now Bavauto only carries an OEM BMW sensor for $117, same price as dealer.

So, I reset the codes using the Peake tool and went for a ride. There was a significant difference in acceleration. The engine was very responsive as I'm sure as the exhaust camshaft position sensor was going bad the performance dropped off a little at a time.

Back at home I checked for codes, there were none.

Happy Motoring.

2002 3.0i
Sterling Gray/Black/Black
Clutch Stop
Dinan Strut Brace
Whalen Shift Machine
Whalen Hood Release
Windblox Windblocker
In-Dash Garage Door Opener
Centric Posi-Quiet Ceramic Brake Pads