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    Feels like a new car again

    The '91 535i has been plagued with a front end vibration for several months now so we decided to bite the bullet and replace most of the front steering components (idler arm, all 4 tie rod ends, and the center link). there was a little bit of slop in everything and when you added it all up it made for quite a bit of looseness. The tie rods have been replaced before but the idler arm and center link were original with 387k on them and changing everything made a dramatic difference. I'm a little ashamed to say I let the car get to the point that when you hit a dip or bump at high speed (like a bridge transition) it would sometime vibrate violently. Now it's as smooth as a gravy sandwich. Son taking it back to school, hope the new highway manners don't encourage extra speed.


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    Re: Feels like a new car again

    Know exactly how you feel, just did the same parts but also fitted new thrust arms and new bushes, all thats left is to adjust the box as it had a bit of play in it, I was too spent after finishing the job to look at it :) My control arms were almost new too so the front end feels great! My 17" style 5 wheels accentuate any wear or slop violently so it was a matter of neccesity for me! I need to do my bump stop rubbers now, they were new 5 yrs ago but they have started to squeak when wet, sounds terrible!

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