The car was in the shop for replace driver side window regulator and passenger side window along back light.

I was out of town. My friend picked up the car for me, so I am able to drive it back home after my flight landed in arond 10 pm.

The car stalled at the end of the road after I drove from my friend's house. I started it again and drove to outside main road and stopped at the redlight, it died again. I tried to start it, it won't let me... it was 11:30 pm... I have to call my friend to jumpt the car for me... they followed me to the highway and I was able to drive back home. When it drives, it still very smooth, nothing wrong. When jumped, it started right up and sound good, couldn't see anything wrong.

I drove the next day at neighborhood, it was fine.

3rd day, it die again when I drove to the end of road from my house... I couldn't start again ( but later on I found out because I was too nervous and did not switch the gear to park position... dumb! ) Again, it started and drove without any problem after jump.

I drove to machanics... after the diagnosis, he said there is bad alternator and need to replace. Battery is fine. My boyfriend called me and also called the machanics... he knows the car and he does not think that is the problem... told us don't do anything until he comes back ( he was not in town )

Machanics went ahead without my authorization ! I was upset but what can I do... I picked up the car and drove back.

The problem still existed after I drove back... it die at one AutoZone parking lot when I was going to buy things... the guy in AutoZone used the machine to test my car. He said the battery is good but the alternator is bad ! I was furious and drove the car back to the machanics. He did the test and told me the alternator is good, but found out "maybe" the problem is Mass Air Flow unit. He said because he puts in the new one and car is fine. He cleaned mine and put it back, looks fine. So he wants me drive back to see if things ok. If not, I need to go back to him and replace the Air flow unit !

After I drove back, the problem is still there. It will stop after I drove a little... most of time I don't have problem to re-start again, and the start always smooth no rough at all. Once I am able to get on highway, it is no problem. But it always makes me so nervious. BUT I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK TO THE MACHANICS ! THEY ARE THE MONEY SUCKER !

I read a lot of posts from people, I am not sure if it is Mass Airflow sensor. Or it maybe Camshaft Position Sensor. or maybe others... I have no knowledge at all and I can not trust the machanics, what should I do! Please help! Very much appreciated with all the comments !