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    08 750 ride vs E38

    Just picked up a 08 750li CPO car. Its replacing a dead 96 E38. Is anyone familiar with the ride quality of both? My E38 rode and handled much better than this new 750.

    Is it me or the car? It doesn't ride or drive like a BMW should. I have four BMWs at the house.

    The new 750 doesn't seem to have the oversteer qualities of a normal BMW. TIt is also very road sensitive. My gut is telling me the alignment is off or there is some kind of suspension or tire issue.

    Thanks for any help.

    People do come to this forum, don't they?

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    Re: 08 750 ride vs E38

    Iím guessing you have a suspension or tire issue. My í06 750i actually handles some situations as well as our past E36 M3 and two E39 M5s. Any time I get a new BMW I try a certain speed on a sweeping on-ramp near our home, and the 750 takes it easier than those theoretically more nimble cars. And thereís no doubt it is more comfortable at cruise. I even like it when compared to a test drive in the new 5 Series that has received a lot of good press.

    Everything Iíve read and been told points to better handling and ride than the E38.

    I know I saw a big change when I got rid of the original Dunlops and switched to Pirelli P Zeros. Iíve also decided I like 32 PSI on both axles.

    Good luck with finding something you can fix.

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