Hey everyone its Chris again back with another problem on the Z3. I looked back and searched the forums found some people with the same problem but no one said how they fixed it, if they could. Anyways I was on my way to work last night and noticed that when I pushed down on the gas something was wrong. The engine didnt seem like it reved like it does normally. I was reving higher rpms but the speed didnt move hardly at all. Then I stopped messing with that and just tried to get to work. I was getting ready to take an exit I tried pushing down on the gas again and still had the same results only this time instead of me traveling 70mph I slowed down to 60, then it got worse and worse to about 25mph just to get off the road. At this point the engine was over heated almost in the red but not quite. So I pulled into a parking lot and waited to get some help. Today We replaced the fuel filter and it didnt seem like fuel was under presure so could be the fuel pump along with many other things I know. Also the exhaust in the last couple weeks has not sounded good either, almost like a strong rattle not sure if there's a connection there or not but could be. We tried also removing the air box and the MAF sensor and seemsed to help but not much. Lastly the car now idles at about 500rpms and sounds like it has 50hp.

Anyways open to any ideas or suggestions. Thank you guys as always you guys are very helpful on here.

The car is a 1996 1.9 Z3 automatic. Oil changed regualarly and overall well taken care of. If you remember we rebuilt the engine about a year or so ago and it has worked great since.

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