As many on this forum have expressed, we would all love to see ZFest "come to a location near you". The decision as to where it should be held is not just just based on location, weather or time of year. It is based on WHO is willing to take on what can be a very daunting task.

Last year, the Canes took it on and made it their own in Ohio. This year, I am working my backside off to ensure that every mile you drive to get to Valencia, is work the trip.

The common theme here is that it took someone to step up to the plate and then set their family and jobs aside to put in the time that it takes to make the event happen.

in 2011, ZFest comes to Texas. Why? Because someone stepped up to the plate and is working their arse off to make it a reality.

If you would like to see ZFest come to your favorite part of the country, let the ZSCCA know WHO is gonna make it happen, WHERE you want to make it happen, WHEN you want to make it happen and WHO is gonna bring it to reality.

If the ZSCCA doesn't satisfy you and let you live your dream, put something together on your own but be prepared for a possible rude awakening.

The venues want you to provide insurance. Multi million dollar policies are about 2k for the weekend. Hotels want minimum guarantees for rooms and meals. You don't sell 'em-you still pay for them. Museums, tours restaurants all want guarantees and many of them require deposits. Who is going to front the money? Advertising. Graphics. Decor. Sound systems. Entertainment. VIP's and guests. Countless emails from those who are excited and appreciative and from those who can't attend and blame it on you for holding it when and where you have it planned. Souvenir tee shirts. Contests and Prizes. The list goes on and on. Oh yea, there are drives, clinics and vendors that have be planned and executed. And what do you do if the weather changes? The list goes on and on and on....

Why would somebody want to do all of this? Who knows. Al I can say is that I am doing this NOT for the ZSCCA and NOT for Make A Wish. I AM doit it for YOU. The ZSCCA will benefit (hopefully) from some recognition. Make A Wish will benefit (hopefully again) through your generosity. But the most important goal throughout the event is your SATISFACTION.

And if anyone thinks that I am doing this on my own, all I can say is GOD BLESS all of the volunteers who are behind the scenes now but will be IN YOUR FACE during the event. So please, give them a pat on the back when you see them, if they slow down enough for you to touch them.

There is a line from a movie that goes "build it and they will come". If you hold an event, no matter how large or small, folks will attend and I will be one of them.

ZFest is my last act as the ZSCCA President. I am looking forward to making new friends and saying good bye.


Scott Pettit