Took the '94 M3 Coupe for a run early this morning (S50 3.0L engine, 5 speed manual) to de-coke the engine and my body.

Powering the car through the corners and hanging on just screams out for the race track. A few too many obsticles on kerbed sign-posted roads to catch me out if the rear decides to flip around, but I can feel the rear wheels just pushing the car straight through the corner apex and out (New Pirelli rubber helps).

The race track will allow me to find the throttle/engine speed "sweat spot" as I call it, as once the rear end in these nibble things go you're a passenger and usally sweating waiting for the crunch as the adreline rush slows things down.

The other great thing about the M3 is you can also short-shift the engine and drive a normal car as well or one that handles significantly better than a normal one.

Off to the track