Three years ago I started to have electrical problems on my 2002 745 i. The car has 90,000 miles on it.
Two new batteries in two years, a new alternator and countless modules and I am still having lots of electrical issues.
Car does not always seem to go to sleep which of course messes up the electronics. Each morning I am faced with the following scenarios:
1. When I open the driver's door a warning sign comes on that says 'parking brake failure'.
2. Upon start up, if you try to use the A/C on full blast, it does not do so until the system has built up sufficient power, sometimes as much as 15-20 minutes into a freeway ride. If I'm going on short stops in town, it never does so.
3. Almost every time I decelerate, the radio makes a popping sound and then some sort of static sound and cuts out completely for 1-2 seconds.
4. If the headlights are on and I decelerate, the lights dim briefly.
5. 'Dynamic Stability Control is not operative' is yet another warning message that appears intermittently.
6. Latest failure is related to the tranny. When this power handling issue is in full swing, downshifting is sometimes extremely harsh, loud and clunky. It's so hard that the whole car shakes horribly and it truly sounds like the tranny is about to fall out. When this happens we often get the message. 'Transmission in Failsafe. Drive Moderately.' This happened yesterday. This morning, the message was gone and the tranny did not experience this issue.
The car has been 'on the machine' probably no less than thirty times in the passed year and a half that the dealer has been trying to resolve these issues.
Unfortunately I am no closer to solving this problem than I was three years ago when they first occurred.
I am desperate for a solution. Any ideas. Any whatsoever?