I have a 2005 645ci and love it!Recently my flat tire alert went on when i checked the tires i found a nail in my rt rear tire.I drove it a local tire shop and they said they could put a internal patch and repair it. im running Bridgestone Potenza RFT front 245/40/19 and on the rear 275/35/19.Iwas planning to get rid of the rft's once they wear down. when i brought the car in for the flat repair they told me i had 6-8/32 on the mid tire but 2/32 on the inner tire due to camber wear. the person told me they see this alot with BMW'S.About6-7 months ago the car was aligned at my local BMW dealership with nothing said about tire wear.Is this a general problem? i will probably switch out of RFTS any reccomendations?Ilove Michelin PS2 SPORTS[A LITTLE PRICEY] THANKS