I just had my 335i in for service recently, and was given a 135i loaner with the dual-clutch Getrag box. It knocked my socks off!

That transmission is 20 times better than the ZF-Auto box they offer on the 3 Series, and would have me seriously considering ditching my manual.

For some inane reason though, BMW don't offer it as an option on the 3 Series, except for the 335is and the M3. In Europe, the dual-clutch transmission is a build-to-order option on almost every vehicle - but I can't get it on a 335 or any other non M 3 Series that isn't the "is".

What gives?! Who else would like the dual-clutch option on a 3 series if given the chance?

I don't need or want the "is" and I can't afford an M3, but I'd pay for that transmission on a regular 335...if there was a choice!