I've had my Z3 for a couple of weeks now. The story behind it is that I've had a 2009 BMW F650GS motorcycle for a few years and despite some desperate pleading, have only been able to get my significant other aboard twice, both for very short rides.

I really enjoy her company so offered to sell the bike and pick up a covertible sports car, ala my 2000 Z3 Roadster. She jumped and has ridden with me numerous times, each time expressing her joy of riding. Living in NH and driving hilly country roads helps immensely.

Driving the Z is very similar to the bike with the exceptions of;

I have to avoid dirt roads for the most part
It's much more comfortable
It feels safer
It's much better protected from the elements

I have found no downside other than having to stick with paved or at least nice dirt roads. It's been a blast and I don't regret giving up the bike at all.

Bidding is over in 2 short hours if anyone wants to go the way of the biker. If she doesn't sell I might just keep both.