I can't link to any photos (but I can email them)but basically, on the drivers side just below and forward of the rear window the top has come loose from its mounting just below the rear fender. generally from an appearance point of view this isn't a problem (the top tucks below the rubber molding and looks normal), however, if it rains I get a pretty good seepage into the rear deck and then into the truck, ultimately collecting in the battery compartment. Is there a way to repair this on my own or do i have to take it to a shop? Sadly, this is the only car I do not have a bentley manual for so I can't check the "body" section on my own.

85 535i 5sp
87 325iC 5sp
91 535i 5sp (RIP) 8^(
96 328ic 5sp
01 Z3 5sp