Posted this recently but still relevant...If you are in the market for a HT for your Roadie..GO TO YOUR DEALER!!!!!! Right now four colors have been greatly reduced in low as $1221(complete with PREMIUM install kit...Evergreen, montreal blue, Estoril Blue, and Yellow(whatever tat is)...Beat Feet!..Only a few of these factory kits available...WHen they are gone..that's it!...Premium install kit comes with HT,if you dealer is kool, you'll score big time!(Over $1K in oe HT stuff!!!!)...I bought mine at Roseville BMW..Paid $1375(they only do 10%!)..Evergreen..goes well on wife's new Alpine White '98(but you could paint it to match any color of course)...lot's of Z3'ers have already taken advantage of this through Z-Kane Insider info...Good Luck!

Happy Z3Trails! dk '97 2.8 bg R