Weird deal here with little background. Had a small fire a few months ago. It fried the electrics to the fuel rail and gummed up a couple of other things, but was pretty localized. I replaced the harness and now the battery light on the dash is on all the time. I pulled each fuse and relay in succession and it doesn't solve the problem. However, when I disconnect the two ends of the wiring harness at the big connector right next to the fuse box, the light goes out. I then discovered that with the key in the off position, the windows, mirrors and blower all functioned as though the key were still in the on position. I swapped the electronic portion of the ignition switch and the problem persists. I also sprayed WD-40 into the ignition cylinder. No difference. Is there a relay somewhere that I'm missing? Also, the starter will not engage with the engine. It spins up just fine. I've seen information that these two parts may be related and a new starter may do the trick. Thoughts?