Hi all,

I just purchased a certified pre-owned 328 xi (07), had the car a month and noticed the engine tapping. Brought it in for service and it is the valve lifters, while they were replacing the valve lifters they said a cylinder head was cracked too and will be replaced. My service advisor said BMW is aware of this and it's covered under warranty. Has anyone else with this model experienced this problem? The car had 33k miles on it. It's certified pre-owned and it seems to me this should have been picked up, especially if BMW was aware of it.

I'm disappointed as I've been wanted this car for a long time and now I'm not able to enjoy it. On the flip side I do have a 2011 528i loaner, sweet ride, and appreciated but I find it to big and not as loaded as mine.

The dealer and BMW service in general is awesome compared to other car brands I've owned but I'm concerned as this is a big investment.

Any thoughts from die hard Bimmer owners? Thanks in advance. :)