I was on the lonely 2lane rural highway the goes around Lake Elsinore after midnight the windows rolled down listening to Bryan Ferry on the stock BMW rear speakers.The fronts are blown so Ive got just the stock rear pair going (not exactly boomin' profane hip-hop normally associated with likely offenders) and passed by a Sheriffs patrol car parked on the other side of the street.

They sat there till I got about 1/4 mile away before storming up to me then following 1 car length away with the brights on. They stayed like that for about a mile before redlghting me.So I stopped made exit arms out, back to them....all these orders ironically barked out their bullhorn atop their car.

"I was only going 42mph MAX".I protested as I walked backwards to them not looking at theem -as ordered.

"No sir you are being cited with LOUD MUSIC"

"on an open hwy at Midnight?" I was floored

Then he asked if I had drugs or weapons in my car.I assured him I did not.

He asked if I would mind if they had a look, I said I rather not. "So This Is a REFUSAL?".he yells.

"No I simply don't want to give up my 4th amendment rights and don't want my new car molested.It was 9/11 just yesterday"

At this point he stuck me in the squad car for about 40min while they went all through every nook n cranny, dinking the mounting tabs on the trunk carpet panels and cracking my euro emergency triangle.He found absolutely nothing and gave me the bogus LOUD MUSIC ticket anyway.

That LOUD MUSIC ticket was a big ruse on the Sheriffs part for an easy excuse to gain Probable Cause.The criteria for this law is if you can hear music from 50feet away from the vehicle, you are in violation That's it.

No decibel reading.nothing but the cop saying LOUD MUSIC
nothing to prove in court

Funny the law states specifically loud "music" .So I guess if you were crankin talk radio, religious programming or just random sound effects and cartoon noises you'd be good to go

Not a point violation more like a seatbelt ticket.Still it'll likely be $75-100bucks.Not something I should have to pay

Has anyone else got one of these stupid tickets?

88 635CSi 5speed

64 1/2 Mustang Convt.,

03 Triumph Daytona/Speed Triple

85 u.s. 635CSi,
84 euro 635CSi,
83 u.s. 633CSi