Hi everyone, I"ve just bought a '91 M5 !!! I"m pumped of course, everything works as it should though the suspension has been replaced with bilsteins. Its a silver metallic and has a real early build date.....1/90. How could this be a '91 with that early of a build date? Could the title be incorrect stating a '91 model? It has the rear console too which I like, but I need a new handle for it as it is broken. Anyone have any ideas of where I could get one?

I'm trying to remove the real door panel b/c the lock won't go down...thus its not safe from potential theives......I"ve removed the three screws and door clips around the perimeter of the panel, but still am missing something holding the door on securely.....seemingly around the door handle area. Any thoughts on what I need to do to get this door panel off?