I took a bunch more pictures, but have only had time to post a few. Six liters of beer will do that to ya...Hopefully I'll get more up here in the next few days...

Oktoberfest, if you've never been, is definitely worth the trip. At least once in your lifetime (kinda like Mardi Gras in New Orleans...once, but never again). BMW Welt and the museum were good. I didn't have lots of time there (but the roadster exhibit made it worth it). Dachau is a somber way to end a four-day trip, but also worth going. Anyway, effective today, I am legally able to be president. Of course, I'm not corrupt, full of pork (well, actually after Oktoberfest I am), the skeletons in my closet are few, and I tell the truth so that would prevent me from running for the office. Oh well. Prost!

What a beautiful car, and a great color combination (11km on the clock...not 11,000km, 11!):

The roadster exhibit:

The aforementioned pork (1/2 meter brats):

A beer "tent" that seats 6000 (this was the Hacker Pschorr tent) still VERY early in the day - 2pm-ish:

A good start to a LONG night (this was the Lowenbrau tent the day prior). I would be in Lederhosen, but they're $200+ and I'd never wear them again, so I just got a cool hat:

97 2.8 Arctic Silver - Tanin Red interior with wood console - black top
Whalen Shift Machine, polished - Type II windscreen (non roll-hoops) - Bilstein HD shocks/struts
Axxis Metal Master pads - Brembo rotors - Doug Whalen seat bushings
Passenger Eject (unfortunately non-functional) - OEM Passenger Airbag Disable switch
Polk Audio all around - Blaupunkt PA amps - LeatherZ Mark II armrest - Strong Strut Trio - AUX input via tapedeck