Hi, I used to post on these boards all of the time a long, long time ago. It's funny seeing posts you've written in the archives from 8 or 9 years ago......

Over the past couple of days my 84 325e developed a no-start condition at first only when warm, but soon after it worsened into no-start when cold. The engine would crank and crank and nothing. I replaced the main and fuel pump relays as well as swapping in a spare ECU. There were a few times when it sputtered to life, but if I turned it off (sometimes after driving many miles), it would not start again. My inline fuel pressure gauge told me I had good fuel pressure. On a hunch that the cold start system was to blame, I disconnected the thermo time switch and hit it. After a few cranks, the engine started, but a very rough start. When I got home, I killed the engine and it restarted (hot). Tomorrow I am going to replace the TTS and hopefully resolve the issue.

I will report back to the group. I just wanted to type this up for the archives. No start I believe is contributed to a faulty cold start system.

84 325e
87 535is