It happened twice -- passenger side low beam is out, no power to the light. The first time, in troubleshooting I pulled the fuse, checked that it was good and reseated, and the light came on. The second time that trick didn't work and I was able to determine no power to the fuse. So I pulled the lamp control module, cleaned contacts and reseated it with no luck. Pulled the lamp control module again and opened it up to see if I could find a loose relay or burnt trace, and instead found that the area where low beam relays are mounted had been repaired before and covered with too much goop to see anything. The next day lights were working OK, but I figured it was only a matter of time before it goes out again and ordered a new LKM.

Received the new (not reman) LKM yesterday, plugged it in and lights all come on, but now the low beams stay on a few minutes after turning them off. Dealer says BMWs are not supposed to delay turning off the lights like some US cars, and can troubleshoot it in a couple days. Have any of you heard of the LKM keeping the headlights on when they are turned off? All other lights work as designed with the new LKM.
'91 525i