Ok, here's the story. I have an 05 645 and i just put on some 22" symbolic CV12 rims. For some reason they keep on warping the front rotors. Dealer replaced rotors under warranty. Then about 100-200 miles later the steering wheel has a little shimmy while breaking. Took it back to dealer and they said rotors are warped and replaced it again. Took it home and made sure i took it easy on the brakes for break in period. About 100 miles later the shimmy comes back again. Took it back to dealer and it turns out rotors are warped again.. So after the third change of rotors I just put back on factory wheel and it's been running fine. No more shaking or warping. Any ideas???? The place i bought the wheels from said maybe i can try upgrading the rotors to slotted or cross drilled? Will that solve the issue? also would it void all warranties on the car or just anything brake related? If anyone had any issues similar to this, any advice would be helpful. I really don't want to have to get rid of my new wheels.