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Thread: trunk leak

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    trunk leak

    I've tried everything in these forums to stop my trunk leak: new top, 3rd brake light O ring, antenna grommet, etc. Today I heard something I've never heard or read before. My interior shop says the source is likely the butyl gasket, and that it can start to leak over time due to temperature changes, body flex, etc. They found a part that is a gutter you install below the top. It's standard on some newer models, but there's no part number on it and it took the dealer forever to identify the part. It takes him 4 weeks to get it. It's about 150 bucks and takes 3 hours to install. It diverts any leakage to drain holes already in place. It becomes part of the car and stays in place even if you install a new top in the future. Has anyone else every heard of this?

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    Back to Vinci's roof writeup. . .

    If the sealing frame and tack strip are incorrectly replaced/installed, your roof will leak into the trunk. The butyl sealant is between all those pieces, in two areas. Not enough=roof leaks. Incorrectly installed=roof leaks.

    The sandwich is carbody<>sealant<>sealing frame<>sealant<>tack strip

    If you have a new top, and it leaks, the butyl sealant is likely the culprit. It should have been replaced with the top. It is a simple RV style sealant/bedding compound. Comes in rolls with a paper tape on one side. Cut to length, stick it on, peel off the tape. The TIS instructions say that in the curved corners to use double thickness. I think the spec is for 1/8 x 3/4 inch butyl.

    You *might* be able to fix the leak with a flowable silicon, like windshield silicon, but I have no idea what that would do to the top if it gets into the wrong places, or if too much gets in there. You possibly could end up with hard spots or some such.
    You would have to flow it into two places. The body<>sealing frame area, and the sealing frame<>tack strip area.

    The correct fix would be to unbolt the sealing frame and tack strip, and the 4 top bolts, and remove the entire top from the car. Correct the problem, and reinstall. 4-6 hours, maybe?

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