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    Square lid cover of the rear towing hook.

    The square lid cover of the rear towing hook came off today and I lost it I guess when I was driving. This happened to me before during a passing through a carwash but was able to retrieve it there. This time I lost it for good. Just realized it was missing and there was a big square black hole where the tow hook would be. Anyway I thought I can just go to my dealership and they would have one for me to replace on the spot. (Mine is Montego Blue). To my amazement, to replace this square lid cover is a total production. I would have to order it. It would take about ten days to come to a local auto body. They have to paint it and then put it on my car. The total cost would be 61 bucks. I was like, WTF!!!!!! For that crappy small square lid cover it's like having the car painted. I felt like just stealing it from another car of the same color as mine on the streets!!! Wat a rip off!!!

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    Easy fix...

    find you're tow hook(hopefully it's not lost too) and spray paint it with chrome paint(make sure you use primer first). Then install it and drive your car like that. Everyone will think you're either a track-rat or that your car spends a lot of time on a rollback. YW!
    BTW, the chrome paint just makes it look better.
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