First off, thanks in advance for any advice you can offer on my question! I did a search on my question and didn't find anything that wasn't over 2 years old (not the greatest "searcher").

I'm in the market for an 05-07 Z4 and have a few clean candidates in mind nearby me here in San Antonio. One is the 5 speed steptronic, and two are the 6 speed SMG(?) that has paddle shifters.

My first pick will be the steptronic, but if the deal isn't reasonable enough I'm wondering about going with the SMG.

I figure it might be cool to have the SMG (synonymous with paddle shifters?) but don't know anything about it. I figure I can learn as I go (leave it in auto most of the time), but my big concern would be if the SMG has a bad reliability record.

Would I be buying into a major maintenance/reliability problem down the road with it, on on 06 or 07 model?

Thanks again,

San Antonio
2006 325ia, Stock
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