Hello all. I could be joining your ranks if all goes well. I have owned 7 bimmers, but never an E36. So, I am not real familiar. Recently a 99 coupe has dropped into my lap. The asking price is very fair. The thing I need help with is this: the guy is moving out of the country very soon. I have approx 2 weeks to a month tops to decide if I want the car or not. It is in another state. I have seen tons of pics and it looks fine. The guy says it runs fine. I asked him to send me a video of it starting/running and he told me he cannot get into the car due to the door handles. Supposedly the driver side door handle stopped working long ago and he just never did anything to fix it and just used the pass. side or left the window down in his garage. A week ago the pass. side stopped working and now he cannot get into the car short of breaking a window. Doors are unlocked, but supposedly the handle just pulls and doesn't open. Does this sound true? Is this a legitimate problem that occurs? I've never heard of it before and I sure don't want to drive a state away for some B.S. story. But.... I also don't want to miss an M3 due to a small issue. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks.