Hey there,

The wife's '91 325i was dead the other day - like dead, dead. The battery measured like 0.7 volts. When I hooked up the charger I heard a little humming sound that I traced to the power antenna. I disconnected the antenna and left the charger on the battery over night to see if I could revive it, but no luck.

I got a new battery and installed it, but the next morning my wife called and said the car wouldn't start. So here's the situation - the "Brake Lining" light is on ALL THE TIME - even with the key out of the ignition. When you turn the key on the other lights come on, the chime sounds, the tach needle moves a bit, but nothing whatsoever happens when you try to turn it over.

I am thinking something is wacky since the Brake Lining light will not go off without disconnecting the battery, but even if something is fried, I thought the start circuit was independent of any computer or cluster goofiness?

Any ideas?