If you would take a couple mins to take this poll, I thank you...

The aux cooling fan "noises" here refer to noises you hear from inside the cabin from the electric motor itself, not wind or air noises (sounding like a truck or bus) from the fan...

1. does your aux fan make a growling or whining noise when it is starting up. How would you describe it?

2. Does your aux fan make spinning-down whining or siren-like noises when stopping. While the fan's RPMs are spinning down, are there multiple moments where the noise seems to get louder (almost like "harmonics").

3. If yes to either of the above, have you noticed if the noises are easier to hear inside the cabin or outside

4. When your aux fan is running at a typical medium speed, does its motor make noise that is louder than an idling engine from inside the cabin.

5. When the computer tells the aux fan to stop from a typical speed, how long would you say it takes your aux fan to spin down

6. When you shut the engine off, is the aux fan spin down seem longer or shorter than 5 above

7. When was your aux fan installed? What's your car's model & year?

8. Is it your aux fan original or a replacement. If replaced, do you know what brand.

9. If replaced, is your replacement quieter/same/louder as the original aux fan motor.

10. Do you know if your aux fan motor itself has a made in Canada, or made in Mexico sticker on it.