Hi everyone. I've got a question regarding jacking the E39. I'm a pretty experienced home mechanic and have done a lot of work on my E39 over the last few years. So far, nothing under the car that required putting four corners on jackstands, but now it's time for automatic transmission and differential fluid changes. This car is not easy to put on stands, but I've read the write-ups and gotten an appropriate low-profile jack. My question is this: Once you have the car on jackstands, how hard do you like to push it to assess stability, before you crawl underneath? In the past with other cars I've leaned reasonably hard against the c-pillars, but that was with lighter cars (VW Golf Mk II, etc.) and I was always afraid of knocking the thing down if I did more. With the weight of the E39, how hard do you feel safe pushing? Thanks in advance.