While at a friends house, sitting in his new Lexus he proudly demonstrates the backup camera, I see a beautiful image of my baby (2002, 3.0 roadster) sitting about 40 feet back. He offers to take me for a ride, and, and, and wait for it... backs into my baby. Crunch! The passenger side of the bumper is out of alignment, the marker light sways in the breeze, scratches, scratches, scratches everywhere. My heart is bleeding all over his new Lexus luxury interior. He immediately says, get it fixed and send me the bill. Very nice.

So I got it back ($780) later and it looks and drives great! Not that there was any damage that would have effected the drivability. But, I've been driving my wife's 2005 Camry. I was lulled in to a state of floating across the blacktop. Although on a long drive I would not mind the mindlessness of driving an automatic trans Camry, when I got back into my Z3, OMG it was so tight, turn wheel get response, tons of feedback, and the fun factor was back. Top down, 68 degrees, country roads, sunsetting, wonderful!

You don't know what you got til it's gone.

2002 3.0i
Sterling Gray/Black/Black
Clutch Stop
Dinan Strut Brace
Whalen Shift Machine
Whalen Hood Release
Windblox Windblocker
In-Dash Garage Door Opener
Centric Posi-Quiet Ceramic Brake Pads