codeing advice


OK i bought my dream car and now i am almost done wth it. The financial mess has put me in a position the only car i could afford was a smushed M5 with 62k on it. I have a few questions on coding. I am not sure if the heater fan is in the dash but the heater controll was stolen out of it and i had to get a new one. I know it has to be coded. Will the fan work if the heater controll is not coded to the BCM? I also took the factory HID's out of my 540 of the same year and put those in. they worked when i took them out fo the 540 and now in the M5 they do not? Is there a reset ? Do they have to be Codeed to the LCM ? I checked the fuse adn it was good.

Also the radio worked before i replaced the stering wheel. now it dose not and the dsp function is gone off of the NAV. The wheel is out of a M3 it has the paddel shif on it but i do not have it hooked up. Does the wheel functions have to be coded to the radio or the car? If sme one has a cell i could call them n this might goeasier on the phone. send me a email [email protected] 540i6 Nav SSR GT3 Shadow, rear wing((NE1 want this) CDV delete, M5 front bumper (cuz the last one was damaged)