OK i got the HPS drivers airbag out without removing dash or breaking anything. slight modification to fiberglass portion of dash that is hidden by a pillar trim. a little bit of tugging and it came out.

Ok the one that i have for a replacement has a orange plug instead of a yelow one. i know all yellow plus are airbag system. The PN on the bag that i have is 8482176237 or the last digit could be a 2 and the other number on it is 981323110890 it is supposidly out of a 2003 525 vin wbadt43423g034254the charge cyliner seems to be totaly different and the plug( the harge cylinder on the new one is short and stubby and the 2001 M5 one is long and cadnium plated). the 2001 plug has yellow wire and a blue wire with white stripe. the new bag has a red wire and a white wire. I am thinking they gave me the wrong bag. the tag says RR roof sdn.

AThe BTS yellow plug in is tampered with but not blown. I was measureing resistance adn voltage on this piece and the only htin i get is some resistance when everyhting is on and coming from the two 20 ga black wires withthe yellow plug. probably sensing the bag system. this could account for the battery unplug code.

any thoughts would be appreciated. 01 540i6 Nav SSR GT3 Shadow, rear wing((NE1 want this) CDV delete, M5 front bumper (cuz the last one was damaged)