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    vBulletin migration - how to and other articles


    It was announced that roadfly is moving to vBulletin. It's great that we're moving to real forum software (although I prefer UBB.Threads) but I wouldn't count on getting any full migration of thread history. Even if the admins try, it may not succeed.

    For the preservation of valuable data, I think we need to scour some of our best reference articles written by members and capture them. I've suggested PDFs before.

    Once the migration happens then we can look at making stickies to a central repository (I've tentatively volunteered some of my hosting space for this) or whatever works best once we see how the new software works.

    We could simply start posting links back to roadfly articles in this thread, or a number of other options.

    I know Eurodavid, Jim Cash, cn90 and lots of other people have posted great "reference" threads over the years (not necessarily how-tos). Let's save them from getting lost!

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    not to worry - all threads moving without blip

    Craig and others you have nothing to worry about. We're taking our time moving all the posts to make sure that all threads remain fully intact, all userids, are properly associated with posts, etc.

    At this point the above is done we're just working on some minor details.

    If we couldn't successfully move to new forum software keeping all the vital articles, how-tos, DIY, etc. in tact we wouldn't do it. There are some cool new features which are available w/ vBulletin. We'll be able to more easily tag articles so if an article is about brake upgrades you'll be able to easily tag the article w/ "Tags: brakes, upgrade, brembo," and then not only will you easily be able to search on those topics but you will be able to easily browse all E39 brake upgrade articles.

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    Re: not to worry - all threads moving without blip

    Thanks for the followup.

    I figured that despite good intentions bad things sometimes happen. If it's a priority of yours to import everything, then I feel much more certain that you'll be successful.

    Let me ask another question - a lot of us have saved or published bookmarks into threads under the current software. Will you be able to have a "transition" period where the old board is read-only but archived links will still work? This would allow us to go through our link collections and determine the new vBulletin links which correspond with our favourite reference threads.


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