Back in 2005 I had a problem with my drivers seat. When I turned on the heated seats I noticed a burning odor which I later found to be an overheating seat heater. It got so hot it burned a hole through the leather seat, burned a hole in my jean pocket and melted a spot on my drivers license in my wallet. The dealer replaced the leather seat covering and were kind enough to cover the $800 cost as a goodwill repair. Today it was a bit chilly in the Chicago area and I turned on the seat heater for the first time of the season and started smelling the familiar burning odor. Sure enough, almost five years since the seat was repaired it is doing the same thing as before. I love this car but man, the little things that go wrong or were poorly designed make me wonder what the engineers were thinking when they designed this car. Plastic radiators, plastic door handles, plastic headlight adjusters, and on and on.

jet black 2000 528iA
sport premium package
MB Quart speakers
two Alpine amps
MTX subwoofer
AudioControl equalizer
Dice interface for iPod
BMW CCA member