Ok I Think I am about to give in and buy a new BMW. I realize that sooner or later I am going to have to relinquish my 01 325i that has been very good to me.

Besides the AM radio being useless and the hesitation issues of the past year or so I still think it is the nicest looking 3 series to date.
And only room for one in the garage.

Now what to buy? I know the 325i lacked some power and should have bought the 330i to begin with but...the 328 has the same power as the 2001 330 I passed.

The 335 is a little steep since I want to option out some things (that M Sport package adds some meanness to the car) and have to get the heated seats and moonroof. This time around it will be an Automatic. Plus a friend of mine has a 335 and said it was overpriced.

Any thoughts on the new 3 series? Do they still have the same window regulator problems? Rear suspension mount problems?

Steve H