Hi all!

Wanted to pass along that while on a trip this past week down to southwestern Germany, Kaiserslautern/Saarbrucken, I had the good fortune to run into and talk to a fellow who had just purchased a 2011 BMW 335is with the full package. All I can say that car goes like "stink" and I came away thinking wow! I mean, that car wants to be driven, and the seven-speed DCT sequential gearbox, engine “overboost” function, high-capacity cooling system, special front bumper with larger intake/cooling ducts, front side-mount oil cooler, complete M-Sport interior, and everything else that BMW put on there, are just mouth-watering. The car's center low of gravity coupled with those complete works (the seats they put in there are to die for!) makes it feel like you are hugging the ground on rails while doing extreme speeds around twisties and high-speed autobahn changes, or just cruising around town. This is the exact interior he got on the car:

Truly a great car to drive, complex as heck especially when I opened the hood and stood there thinking "oh sh!t", but nevertheless a great car to drive. But, that said, my old '96 528i ran the full 900km trip from Belgium to Kaiserslautern and back like a champ, where I averaged approx 160kmph for the whole trip, with long (5-10km) stretches of autobahn where I was at 200-210kph and nearly all by myself. Though this old car's days of staying above 200kph are truly over, the old 5-speed overdrive coupled with the lazy 2.95 diff in the back makes the car cruise with such ease between 120kph up to 200kph, that it is hard for me to think of getting another car---even a V8 e39. Though that 335is was something....

If any of you are ever in Western Germany and you are near Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) border, don't pass this driving opportunity up. This autobahn run from Winterspelt down to Saarbrucken is known by many Germans, from Bavaria to the northern ports all the way over to here, to be one of the last great German autobahns where there are very long stretches of "no-limit" speeds. Germany, sadly, is moving to max 120kph on all autobahns, like all other European countries. For flat out runs along a undulating, well-kept autobahn, this run is just incredible (this particular autobahn is basically new, being built within the last 10 yrs, and the Germans are fanatical about its upkeep right now). The key to this run is that the traffic is often, well, it is just non- existent. From my often runs through the years thorugh all of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy, which have great roads, mind you, but all of which, while on them, you rarely (if ever) have the chance to do long stretches, talking 10-30km stretches, of great high speed runs, modulating your car between 120kph up until 270-300kph (if your Porsche or whatever can do it), that is what makes this Rhineland-Palatinate-Prüm autobahn run so special. (it also happens to be home, since it is near the Benelux border, to the world famous Spa F1 Championships.)

Driving the Prüm-run (going south and/or north) will give you 3 hours of extreme driving pleasure, plus you are passing (especially now during fall) through one of the most beautiful and well-kept regions of Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate-Prüm, that you will feel young, free and overall fantastic inside----even if your family is with you, which mine was.

Simply, it will remind you why we bought our cars and why we drive them.

This year, because of work and, as often bi'atched by me before, the never-ending HDLs, I have not been able to do one thing to my e39. Not even one little wrench turn, which has robbed me of the bonding with the car, and yet the ole' girl just keeps chugging along with aplomb to quietly keep reminding me that our e39s, with a little love and care, are one of the truly great automobiles of the past 50 years.