at the risk of sounding like a (f)lame..
THIS IS NOT SPAM (thanks shogun)

email me if you think im FOS..

I just got a job working for a parts specialist in CA.
I have been put in charge of the BMW department..
the website is HORRIBLE, it has nothing but keychains, and
spark plug wires.

I have the chance to create something for all my fellow
BMW enthusiasts.

I would like to know what YOU would want to see OFFERED!
what parts are you having a hard time locating?
what do you hate about buying parts for your bimmer?
common problems?

There is a FREE $5 gift card for signing up for
our email newsletter, which is NOT SPAM, nor Bacn.
SO, get the giftcard and then cancel..
You will not be harassed. Your information will not be SOLD, EXCHANGED, ETC..

Im looking to great write-ups on BUILD's, it can be your car,
or a friends, the more comprehensive, the more photos, the better!

Im looking for edgy and artsy photographs of YOUR car looking
its best, either parked, moving, sliding, or *gasp* crashed.

We will be holding photo, build, and article contests.
The winners will get free parts, or gift cards to spend, and
there is the possibility of winning a TRACK DAY on US.

please take a look at the site
which is affiliated with


Thanks for your time!

1975 bmw 2002 - malaga
1969 bmw 1600ti - manila
1972 bmw bavaria - sahara