Hey Guys,

Currently driving a 1992 535i 5spd with 410,000 miles on it. Motor is still solid, however was recently rearend and insurance totalled the car. But i am still driving it. Its fine, just cosmetics. Well I wasn't ready to spring for another car yet, but since this happened I have been shopping around for my next BMW and have narrowed it down to either a 2003 M5 or a 2005 545i 6spd. I'd like to spend around $20k and both these cars can be had for that amount.

But I use my car for work everyday and drive between 100-200 miles per day. Not sure if the M5 would be ideal for this situation and give me the same reliablility as my current 1992 535i. Funny though they both get around the same gas mileage, so having an '03 M5 would be a nice upgrade but would the maintenance costs and reliablitiy make me regret buying it.

then there is the 2005 545i ... its much more modern, has all those new bells and whistle, Ipod connection, and gets 25-30 MPG and I would image it might be less of a maintenance hog then the M5.

So hard to decide...
M5= 400hp=fun, 20MPG, 4000lbs, high maintenance? must use super fuel.
or 545i= 333hp, 25-30MPG, 3600lbs, more modern, regular gas, low maintenance costs. new looks.

I have driven a few M5s and one 545 and liked both, just cant make up my mind. I am leaning towards the M5, just afriad its gonna cost me a ton in maintenance and fuel.

So guys if any of you have gone through this or have any input or insight that I might be missing here... please feel free to speak your mind - thanks
1992 535iJoe
1992 535i