Hi I have a BMW 528 form 03/97 with 180.000 Km so far without problems.

Now I having problems big problems to start the engine, it does not start instant as normal its turn many times and its sound like the Ignition is complete wrong, its shoots when I tray to start it.

Its started for some weeks ago, the engine just stops during idle or at low speed, and when I then turned in on again, it was running like one cylinder was missing, or the Ignition was very low.

I have read out fault codes with Carsoft 6.5, and it report error code 83 and according to my carsoft this is the Camshaft sensor.

I have replaced the Camshaft sensor two times but with out success, the result is the same.

If the engine is cold, this mean stay over for one night, its starts normally, but juts after a few minutes its starts running like one Cylinder is missing, and very bad performance, and if I switch OFF the engine, I have problems to start it again.

Any Idear .