All, I had an expansion tank explosion one day and quickly replaced it only to realize that the root cause of the problem wasn't the expansion tank. Something was causing the motor to constantly increase its cooling temp. Low and behold after replacing the expansion tank and thermo I continue to see the temp rise while driving the vehicle under 15 MPH. In addition, the auxiliary fan does not turn on when I initiate the AC. I did witness it recently start up for a second or two then it turned off. So I'd like the begin my chase of the problem but I'd rather be efficient and economical with my time. A couple of things: I don't know where the relays are because I cant seem to locate a good site to explicitly define its locations. I know where the fuses are. I know where the fan switch is located on the lower hose (this might be the root of the problem), but I do not have a procedure to deduce this problem. Any kakua (assistance/help) would be hugely appreciated. Aloha, Ivan