We've placed a hold on the vehicle purchase for 2007 CPO 3-Series.
They've sold the vehicle without our consent and failed to return deposit of $3,000.
It's been 2 weeks.

Just to note, I DID take a while to pick-up the vehicle due to personal reasons.
Hence, as a token of faith, I have initially paid $1,000 in deposit but further increased that deposit to another $2,000 when I could not pick up within 1 week.

I absolutely understand that failure to pick-up vehicle within set amount of time voids the delivery promise - and I am ok with it as I've purchased replacement vehicle elsewhere.

However, my deposit is DUE for the refund.


1. classic phone-transfer scheme.
2. assistance: Krista told us it's been processed.
3. finance department indicated that it's NOT.
4. sales person says he never got the call/vm.
5. manager avoids the call.

C'MON, this is my 8th BMW!
We pay the premium for premium service no?

BMWNA, please help your brand and dealership to keep their integrity of the service along with loyalty to the brands. I've never had any problems such as this in OTHER BMW dealerships such as DiFeo or Park Ave.

The sale person's name is:

Mostaga Ahmed
BMW of Bloomfield.
(973) 780-9530
[email protected]

Main: (973) 748-8200 x 7210

BMWNA, please assist.

Thank you.