I recently picked up a 2000 2.8 roadster locally and have been having fun driving it in the waning days of top down weather here in PA.

Anyway I have noticed a couple of things I'd like to get clarification on if you all would be so kind.

First, there is a ckunking noise that often happens under the car when I shift from 1st to 2nd. It happens as soon as I depress the clutch. I do not feel it in the pedal and it is a rhythmic sound - bachunk-chunk-chunk - at about 4 Hz with a dampened amplitude - like dropping a bowling ball. It seems only to happen with the 1 - 2 shift. Clutch release seems normal although being new to the car I sometimes get my timing off. Note also that it makes this noise sitting still but not every time.

Second, there is a whistling sound that appears when I accelerate. Barely perceptible, a clear, fixed pitch whistle. Too much or too little gas and it goes away. Seems to decrease as the engine warms but it is still there.

Third, there is a little panel that sits next to the top up/down switch that has an LED and an aluminizaed hole/aperture of some sort. Can't find it anywhere in the manual. What is it??!

Thanks so much for your help. What a great car and supportive community her!