I got a Dakar Yellow E36 M3 new in 11/94 and a Dakar Yellow E46 M3 new in 3/03. The E36 left in 2008 to be an engine donor to a 318 Ti after 169,000 great miles, but the rust monster got this daily driver after 13 NH winters. The E46 left last week to a new home in MA. It was also a sweet car.

Tuesday I picked up a 2009 Z06 Vette with 8500 miles on it. What got me into this car was that I was instructing at Montecello in May with my E46 and had an experienced student with an 09 Z06. After taking him for some laps in the stock E46 M3 and getting understeer from the overheating front street tires (245 front, 265 rear), he let me drive his stock Z06 at "a very good pace"! I was very impressed with the braking, power and most impressed with the handling balance of the car. I will replace the shocks with Bilteins, which will get rid of the "twitchiness" they write about on these cars when working them hard in the corners with bumps. It also happens on the bumpy NY I95 roads. I noticed little twitchiness at the very smooth Montecello, which is a great track with complex connected corners and the fast back straight.