I have begun looking for a set of Front, Black Comfort (16 way adjustable) seats for my 1997 540/6 speed (from the E39 and some E38s). I thought I would ask if anyone has a set they would be interested in trading for my Black Sport Seats. My seats are Heated, but manually adjustable - no power (I think these were only offered in 97 and early 98 on 540/6 models?? -since I have rarely seen any others. I think this is a nice option, since they are infinitely adjustable, and save weight over the power versions).

I know the swap for me might be difficult (finding seats close to my build date of 2/97 so that I can use existing wiring), but I think I would enjoy the comfort (for my lower back) over the sportiness. Also, I am not worried about "Memory" settings, so I do not need to swap door 'cards'.

If anyone is interested, please let me know,
ultamte in VA.