I'd like to hear members "take" on the following. I have a high mileage (230,000) e39 which I have owned for three years. Recently replaced the fan,fan clutch, water pump and belts. Ran perfectly for 2,000 miles!!!

Last week I heard a rattling which got louder and louder. Opened the hood and the fan had come off the clutch and was hitting the fan shroud.

I havent yet had time to jack the car up and look further but.....Has anyone ever heard of this happening? I had used special tools to remove old fan and fan clutch recognizing the parts spun on counter clockwise.
I must have done it correctly as I drove 2,000 miles without a hint of a problem.

Just wondered if anyone has run into something like this before . Any insights greatly appreciated. I love this car and was initially very proud of having done the work myself. Now???????? jlshand