Hello To All,
1st and foremost thanks to all who helped me with previous questions and posts you guys are the best. I am back once again with yet another question about the clutch in a 83 320i how long typically (estimate of course) do they last? I have 145K originally miles on mine now and a lot of parts are originally so I am wondering here when have you other 320i owners seen the clutch going bad please advise me here? I know it is now displacing signs of wear i.e. the clutch pedal having to go up higher in the air before you let out gear another forums said this was a sure sign of the clutch disc plate becoming too thin. However my question is this how do I know when to change it as everything is okay and fine as far as driving and shifting the car/clutch. So I don't want to pay someone to put a new clutch when the old one is still working okay/fine hence why I need some help/advice on here as to when you guys (previous/current 320i owners) have seen the clutches go bad and wear out what mileage. Please advise with any info or help on this topic I appreciate it much.