Howdy all

Through the guidance and wisdom of a knowledgeable BMW enthusiast, I purchased a 1984 733i 5-speed today. I paid more than I should have, but the condition seemed to be exceptionally high. I had been looking at newer 5 series in particular when this popped up on the radar and I was immediately smitten by the driving experience.

The good -it is in (what appears to be) unusually good shape. Everything seems to work. the engine pulls strongly. The transmission feels new. Mileage is a mere 133k. The carpet is nice enough to make you want to drive barefoot. The steering seems to be rock solid. No shimmy. no pulling under breaking. no squeaks bumps or thumps when doing lock to lock figure eights.

The not so good -
the headliner piece for the underside of the sunroof is missing.
The "driver's calculator" (for lack of a better term) seems dead. or I just dont know how to wake it up
The cruise control seems doa (I never use that anyhow)
and the wood trim ashtray is missing.

The ugly -
TRX wheels. My research tells me the less said about that the better. I'm looking around for some E34, E24, E32 wheels.

I'm always up for new information or hints. I'll hang out and ask the stupid questions for a while.

and the first one - is there an owners manual (as in came with the car) online anywhere?